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Janes Garage - Hidden Mystery


Jane needs your help! She's hot on the search for her lost tools! 8 lost tools in each of the 8 custom hand drawn rooms. Use your quick eye to spot the tools and put them into Jane’s tool box! As you progress from room to room the tools become harder to spot, so make sure you stay sharp!DO YOU HAVE A GOOD EYE? THEN GIVE IT A TRY!• Use hints to find Jane’s lost tools! • Be creative! Create your own search technique to help you improve your time on each level! • Search behind boxes, televisions, cement mixers and more! Where are those hidden objects?!?• Find Jane’s tools – the faster you are the more points you earn!
PLAY FOR FREEStart searching for Jane’s lost tools now, one hidden object at a time! It won’t cost you a cent! Utilize your search clues to beat your best time! The faster you are the more stars you win! You've found all 8 tools – let’s jump to the next level!
STUNNING HAND DRAWN VISUALSDiscover new themes in every room! From incredible hand drawn construction sites to brilliantly designed, cluttered computer rooms – you will be stunned at every turn! Your search will take you to dim attics and lovely garden sheds!USE YOUR MIND – CREATE CUSTOM SEARCHING TECHNIQUESWe all know you’re smart! So prove it! Create your own search method to help find Jane's hidden tools! Scan the screen from top to bottom or from side to side – just make sure you don’t miss a spot! The hammer could be behind the couch!THE CHALLENGEThis Hidden object game is both challenging and rewarding! Don’t expect to find all 8 items right away – you’re going to have to work for it! But the reward is worth it! Don’t worry, if you need a clue – just use a hint! Hints will guide you along if you get stuck! Hidden objects is a game for everyone! It’s a challenge – a challenge you are sure to enjoy!